Whether ODT brings your company a solution in print, or in the field on iPad, your sales team will be better equipped to handle spur-of-the-moment presentations and get immediate answers to client questions.

Sales Force Fulfillment

Focus your sales team on selling, not on preparing sales collateral

With a long list of required non-selling responsibilities already occupying a salesperson such as travel, CRM maintenance, and expense reporting to name a few, companies that minimize the time and hassle their sales team spends on other tasks can directly improve their face time with customers and prospects. ODT has addressed the sales collateral fulfillment model with both large and mid-sized corporations with distributed sales team or distribution channels by collecting, cleansing and producing the sales support materials they need, when they need them.

Data driven direct mail piece, Cap Fed mailer


  • Increases sales representative selling time by 25% or more
  • Simplifies and accelerates the entire sales collateral production process
  • Greatly increases marketing flexibility allowing variations of messaging, offers, timing and audience size
  • Zero inventory model reduces waste and provides accountability
  • Visibility and control of the program becomes driven by sales and market management rather than last minute call preparation fire drills



  • Corporate controlled assets, intelligence and branding broadly and flexibly utilized
  • Purposeful personalization of materials including versioning a 1:1 variability by market, customer type, territory or vertical industry
  • Automated data collection and cleansing for corporate owned and third party information
  • Streamlined proofing, approvals and key milestone notifications
  • Assembled sales kits reliably and regularly delivered to the salesperson's location