“We have been specializing in dynamic document creation for over sixteen years, and the iPad is a natural extension of our capabilities,” said Tom VanGoethem, ODT’s Chief Executive and Operations Officer.

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On Demand Technologies Releases New App for iPad

Powerful tool enables distributed sales reps to easily produce custom presentations and documents during customer visits; product in use by Fortune 100 company

Overland Park, Kansas (December 21, 2011) - On Demand Technologies, LLC (ODT) announced today that they have released an app for the iPad® that enables sales representatives to create custom documents and presentations with just a few screen taps. The app seamlessly accesses information in a corporate datastore to dynamically create client-specific content.

In addition, the data-driven content is created in real time, meaning that documents are always up-to-date. The app handles the presentation of content automatically, and does not use or require the installation of KeyNote, PowerPoint, or any other app to function.

The solution was successfully rolled out for use by a Fortune 100 company over the past weeks and will be used nationally among thousands of sales representatives.

“We are extremely excited to not only release this product, but to have it being used by one of the largest companies in the world,” said Tom VanGoethem, president and Chief Executive and Operations Officer at ODT. “We have been specializing in dynamic document creation for over sixteen years, and the iPad is a natural extension of our capabilities.”

A tablet-based strategy is gaining momentum as companies look to put actionable information in the hands of sales people at the point of decision making. It is also a valuable “green” strategy in terms of being environmentally friendly and saving money due to less paper printing.

“We wanted to exploit the capabilities of the iPad - instant on, the intuitive interface, and wireless connectivity - things that make it head and shoulders better than booting up a laptop in a sales situation,” said Philip Allen, ODT’s Chief Technology and Marketing Officer. “Ease of use is the key while delivering timely, relevant, and compelling content at the same time.”

In 2012 ODT plans to roll the app out to a variety of industries, including insurance, financial services, advertising solutions, and medical sales as companies migrate to a tablet-based strategy.

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On Demand Technologies is a provider of automated custom document solutions. Clients include a variety of Fortune 100 companies who use ODT’s Praxis™ automation and publishing capabilities to deliver unique document solutions across a variety of output devices, including print, web, and tablets.

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