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On Demand Technologies (ODT) delivers automated sales prep solutions to meet these challenges using its Praxis™ workflow architecture.


By harvesting from a wide array of company documents, data, and collections of client pertinent information (market, business, program results, history) sales‐ready, targeted, easy‐to‐understand, prep tools are generated.


They are then delivered to the appropriately assigned sales reps allowing them to easily access, configure and receive sales prep packets for displaying on iPads, tablets, mobile phones, and PCs.



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Why Care?



Automation is what computers and software have always been about.

Whether it's your word processor, your accounting system, your CRM system, the software has been written for a specific purpose (to fulfill a specific business need) with the expectation that YOU will adapt to it.

This leaves you with three options:

  1. Keep doing things manually regardless of the inefficiencies and costs;
  2. Force an off-the-shelf application to work; or,
  3. Invest in a custom solution to meet your specific needs and written based on your business rules.


The keyword in option 3 is INVEST. Typically this means an investment in resources and time that often does not justify the intended benefit.


Enter Praxis, to change that >>


On Demand Technologies: Do More With Less

After weathering the recent economic storm, you know that for your business to thrive, you need to be as efficient as possible. To take your business to the next level you need to "do more with less" and make the most out of limited resources.


ODT can help improve your productivity. We utilize PraxisTM - a platform developed to deliver efficiencies throughout the entire life cycle of dynamic document creation and delivery. Praxis is a technology we utilize to extend your capabilities - but there is no software to buy or configure. With Praxis, it's as if you've added resources and new capabilities to your business without additional cost.


ODT was founded by innovators in the software industry who possess a knack for activating the full potential and efficiency of any business process. We specialize in business communications, whether your needs are in marketing, training, or collateral for the sales process. Praxis, our workflow automation architecture, is designed to be quickly implemented and massively scalable, and will help you gain an edge over your competition. We are masters of digital document delivery, and can optimize any output, including print, digital, email, iPad/tablets, mobile and PDF.



On Demand Technologies: Blog & News

Success: Crusher of Innovation

You know the story. Two guys (or girls) in a garage come up with a great idea, craft it out of proverbial bailing wire, and after dismissing failures (usually many), they and their innovative product become household names. Success! But then, something unfortunate happens... >>


What’s Next: In-Brain Documents?

Documents as a form of information delivery have been around almost as long as man. Cavemen etched pictures into cave walls, stones, and clay tablets to convey thoughts and information.  But despite the obvious significance this had on communication, imagine the process involved in updating the “documents”!  >>


On Demand Technologies Releases New Business App for iPad

Overland Park, Kansas (December 21, 2011) – On Demand Technologies, LLC (ODT) announced today that they have released an app for the iPad® that enables sales representatives to create custom documents and presentations with just a few screen taps. The app seamlessly accesses information in a corporate datastore to dynamically create client-specific content. >>