Our playing cards are produced on top quality stocks, printed on the highest quality digital ink presses and finished with a perfect matte UV coating and a precision die cut process.


The result is consistent, unmatched quality at an affordable price.






Hobby Game Industry Card Products

The affordable solution for high quality custom card decks

role-playing expansion deck cardsODT produces beautiful, vivid color playing cards in the most common sizes, including mini, poker, and bridge. Our high-quality digital press capabilities allow us to create and fulfill decks of a very small number of cards up to virtually any number. We can help you carve a new channel of revenue for your game line with expansion decks, reviving out-of-print titles, or launching new titles.


In the steps between setting up your artwork and delivery of your product to the consumer, retail channel, or distributor, ODT manufactures and distributes your product within a zero-inventory (made-to-order) business model.


Our zero inventory business model is one way you can offer a greener product - the actual product has very little carbon footprint until shipped (i.e., the product is manufactured in the USA, then shipped directly to the consumer, retail store, distributor, or publisher). We don't make the product until the moment it's ordered.


To learn more about printing and publshing your card product through our partners, you can download a PDF brochure by clicking here. You can also reach publisher client servies by clicking here and selecting "Publisher Service".


If you are an established publisher looking to produce and deliver specialized and digitally produced card products, please contact

Sean Lashgari at 913.438.1800 x7261
or email Sean for more information.



  • Produce small quantities of product at an affordable cost, giving you the ability to offer products that, until now, were not commercially viable


  • Highest image quality and color fidelity using high-speed digital presses with vivid electrostatic inks

  • Three-day ground to virtually anywhere in the Continental U.S. (Drop ship is also available)

  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer service team to help every step of the way


  • Manufactured to meet or exceed the quality standards of the role-playing mini deckworld's most demanding hobby gaming afficiandos, so you know you're providing a product that will look gorgeous, feel right, and last

  • Zero-inventory model regularizes expenses, reduces waste, and saves energy through a smaller carbon footprint per product - real benefits you can leverage


  • Affordable prices for very high quality card


To learn more about printing and publishing your card product through our partners, please download the PDF brochure here. You can reach our partner's publisher client services by selecting Publisher Service on the contact page here.