On Demand Technologies is a digital document delivery company.


ODT's customized solutions can help you to sync all aspects of your business (marketing, sales, operations, product development, to name a few), effectively giving you an edge over your competition.

About Us

On Demand Technologies (ODT) is a dynamic document delivery company, specializing in data-driven, targeted communications in both the print and digital realms. Our offerings are deep in the technological sphere, and what we do for our clients can be complicated. We can assist your business in so many ways, but sometimes it's difficult to express what we do in terms of "products."


So, in a very basic nutshell, here's a (very long) sentence explaining what we do. (Your unique business needs are included as fill-in-the-blanks below)...

We expertly pull any combination of your existing client data (or, fill-in-the-blank data you so choose) using our Praxis workflow architecture, instantly insert that data into variable-data postcard artwork or PDF (or, fill-in-the-blank type of document - Excel, Word, etc.) for use in marketing or sales, inventory or operations (or, your fill-in-the-blank business function needs), and then deliver it to a digital printer for direct mailing, or deliver to your iPad for your sales team for use in the field as client presenations.


Those are the steps to the basic process. And, in every step is a way to customize our expertise to YOUR business needs.


Since 1995, we've produced a wide variety of marketing communications including direct mail, sales collateral, point-of-purchase materials, consumer products, and salesforce tools. We make our clients’ marketing programs more efficient and effective through seamless integration with their processes, applications and data.


Our team represents a unique collection of experts in each of the major functional areas that influence communication workflow. With a diverse, veteran leadership team, clients and partners stand assured that our solutions solve real-world business problems and deliver quantifiable results and efficiencies.