ODT’s Praxis enabled the agency to quickly realize real benefits of a fully automated solution:


Significant Savings in Time and Effort


Reduced Costs


Reduced Errors


Rapid Implementation


Improved Customer



Higher-Quality Reporting

Case Study Brief: Direct Mail Campaign Automation

Praxis Automates Workflows for International Ad Agency, Fortune 50 Technology Client



  • Automated the proof approval process, reducing direct mail campaign prep from weeks to days

  • Seamlessly automated the mail list postal certification process

  • Reduced campaign management effort and costs by 40%

  • Dramatically improved accuracy and centralized all reporting requirements

  • Enabled real-time dashboard view of active campaigns

  • An international advertising agency was managing custom, co-branded direct mail campaigns for a Fortune 50 technology client. Prior to partnering with On Demand Technologies (ODT), the agency expended significant time and effort directing the proofing process, cleaning mail lists, transferring files, and manually compiling required reports. In addition to being extremely time consuming, the manual processes were fraught with errors and delays.



    Situational Analysis
    Prior to engaging ODT and leveraging the PraxisTM workflow and process automation solution, account representatives at the agency would obtain artwork files, typically via email as an attachment or by manually retrieving them from an FTP site.


    Similarly, they would acquire a mail list through manual methods or through a list acquisition service. The reps would then forward the artwork files as an email attachment to the corresponding co-op partner for approval. Significant time and effort was expended simply executing and overseeing this manual approval process.


    Once approval was obtained, the artwork and mail list files were manually transferred to a service for postal certification (CASS and NCOA). If a certain percentage of the addresses were non-deliverable, reps had to contact the co-op partner to acquire a new list or get approval to proceed with the current list.


    When the list was certified, it and the artwork were sent to a digital print provider, who merged the list and artwork and distributed the pieces via U.S. and Canadian mail. Finally, at the end of each week, reps would compile data from a wide variety of systems and sources to produce required reporting for their Fortune 50 client.


  • Customizable, scalable, rapid solutions focused on quickly solving your business needs

  • Low cost of entry and rapid implementation result in immediate benefits and reduced risk

  • Integrated approval workflow and content management solutions that insure quality and support your brand integrity

  • Produce customized communications that are delivered with a targeted, timely and relevant message
  • Meeting the Challenge


    The agency realized that the inefficiencies and errors were putting their business at risk. To address these issues, they engaged ODT to streamline their operation with Praxis, a highly configurable workflow and process automation solution. Using Praxis, the agency quickly reduced the time and effort involved in processing the campaigns, and errors were all but eliminated. The results were a dramatic reduction in costs and improved service to their client.


    Successful Results


    ODT worked with the ad agency to map out the workfl ow each agency rep used to process the custom direct mail campaigns for their

    client. Praxis was quickly configured to perform the steps automatically, moving files seamlessly between systems and providing an easy-to-use web-based interface to automate and manage approvals, list certifications, and the other tasks that were once being handled by reps using email, FTP, and telephone.


    In addition, the Praxis solution provided a dashboard that agency reps use to get a full view of each step in the process. This insures that nothing “falls through the cracks” and gives the reps quick access to information when the client has a question. Praxis tracks and compiles information throughout the entire workflow, allowing weekly reporting to be generated automatically. Not only has this reporting capability saved the reps significant amounts of time, it also produces immediate and accurate reporting for the client.


    Because of the modular nature of Praxis, ODT and the ad agency were able to implement a successful solution in a matter of weeks. The modular nature of Praxis also makes it highly scalable, easily supporting an increase in sales and business growth without additional investment.



    ODT’s Praxis enabled the agency to quickly realize real benefits of a fully automated solution: